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Stop paying for sales leads. Each time you pay for a lead, you give another company money to own the space. How do we know? Because we are a lead generation company with numerous lead gen websites!! 


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Digital Property Management Firm

Click Medias, Inc. is a Digital Property Management (DPM) Firm. Like physical real estate, virtual real estate has value depending on location, frontage, square footage or size, traffic volume, density, and build. Your virtual showroom, lobby, or retail office must have a “WOW” factor to reduce the bounce rate, but more important, Drive Quality Leads.


Our team works closely with your team, processes and technology to provide industry leading results. We create customized digital performance advertising campaigns that maximize your opportunities. 

Digital Marketing

We deploy scalable and robust digital campaigns by using a database of consumer intelligence. Our reliable digital platform engages more clients which in turn gives you more opportunities to close business.

Results = Organic Leads

Our transparent process and platform start from day one with The Craig Report™. The transparency only continues as we assist your team with more organic leads. This keeps your team busy with great sales results. 

How we assist you?

Results define Success

We look at the digital market similar to the real estate market. You have heard it before “if you build it, they will come”. This statement is not accurate unless you have an amazing location with huge amounts of traffic. That is the worst statement of all time.  You can build the most beautiful multi-million store in a field, and unless you advertise, you will probably not see a return.  The world wide web is no different from any tangible real estate, except that it is virtual. “Location, Location, Location” is a much more accurate statement.  In virtual real estate, you create the location by renting traffic from SEO, PPC, social media, reputations, and website design. It all starts with the website as the foundation that you build your online enterprise.







Personal Approach

Brand Security

We will always protect your brand and will make sure that real potential clients are seeing your ad spend.

Performance Guarantee

Market leading results brings an industry leading guarantee. Ask for details about our guarantee.  

Complete Transparency

Come and  follow your “choose your own adventure” digital search optimization journey the whole way.  

Advanced Technology

Our easy to read dashboards, continuous reporting will keep you informed as we drive traffic to you.

What we do

Digital Property Management (DPM)

We are a Fully Managed DPM Company. We fully manage on your behalf search engine optimization (SEO), social media, blogs, pay per click (PPC), virtual reputations, Google my Business (GMB), and every other aspect of your business online. Our lead generation approach to website design gets the phone ringing, texts pinging, and the emails traveling to your inbox through cyberspace. Then we deliver your results in a completely transparent portal with our Industry Leading Performance Guarantee.

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Stop buying market share for other companies. Own your market today!!

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